Young Adults Have Many Financial Needs
  • Establishing new financial lives
  • Financing cars
  • Buying Homes
  • Deposit accounts

Build Relationships With Young Adults

  • Prefer electronic interaction
  • Seek empowerment
  • Want simplicity
  • Loyal to trusted advisors
Financial Foundation Center For Your Website
  • Customized for your organization
  • Simple and fast to add to your site
  • Offer as service to your partner organizations
  • $300 per month
  • No set up fees or long term commitment
  • Billing is quarterly in advance

Visit a sample Financial Foundation Center

Financial Foundation Center
Financial Tools, Resources and Information for Young Adults

Young adults leaving home or college face many financial issues that are different from those of their parents. They experience new life events and they are building a base of financial literacy. The Financial Foundation Center includes content covering new life events and the fundamentals needed for a good financial life.

Visit a sample Financial Foundation Center

Providing the Financial Foundation Center will position your institution as a trusted advisor that cares about consumers, their families and their total financial well-being.

Parents want their children to have the education needed for a happy and productive life. Yet, few parents have taken steps to provide financial education or feel that they have been good role models with their finances. With the Financial Foundation Center on your website, parents can use it with their children and perhaps for themselves.

Customization Available
The basic Financial Foundation Center includes your name and logo on the front page and the More Resources page. A "Return To" link is also included on those pages.

The customized service enables you to choose a Monthly Idea that can supplement or coincide with our other marketing efforts. For example, if you have a CD promotion, you could choose an article on Laddering Maturities or a home equity loan program could supplemented with an article on the convenience and tax benefits of home equity loans.

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